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California Eyeing Lower Standard for Perchlorate in Drinking Water

California plans to halve the level at which water suppliers must test for perchlorate in drinking water. The move is the first step in lowering the state’s drinking water standard for the chemical, which is used in rocket fuel, fireworks, and airbags, said Robert Brownwood, assistant deputy director in the State Water Resources Control Board’s […]

Is Climate Change Showing Up In The Daily Weather Forecast? It’s Complicated

Early this month, scientists announced a surprising discovery: The “fingerprint” of climate change is now detectable in everyday weather. In fact, evidence of global warming can be found in the planet’s weather every day, minute, and second since 2012. But wait —you, a person who actually paid attention in your high school atmospheric science class, […]

Forever Litigated ‘Forever Chemicals’: A Guide To PFAS In Courts

Court dockets are ballooning with litigation over PFAS, a vexing family of chemicals used in many consumer and industrial products. Some types of the man-made per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances are called “forever chemicals,” a shorthand for their ability to build up and stick around indefinitely in people and the environment. Health risks of some types […]

Study Shows Droughts Affecting So Cal Water Sources Six Times A Century

The University of Arizona recently announced results from a study that studied the annual growth rings of trees to reconstruct a long-term climate history and examine the duration and frequency of “perfect droughts” in Southern California’s main water sources. According to the research, severe droughts happened simultaneously in the regions that supply water to Southern […]