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Supreme Court Leans Toward Expanding Clean Water Act To Protect Oceans From Wastewater

Supreme Court justices, both conservative and liberal, appeared skeptical Wednesday of a Trump administration argument that the federal Clean Water Act should not apply to sewage plant wastewater that flows into the ground and eventually seeps into federally protected waters, such as rivers or oceans. The case from Hawaii has emerged as a major test […]

Imperial County Declares New River Emergency, Sends Newsom Demands For Salton Sea

Imperial County is doubling down on its efforts to wrest help from state and federal officials to clean up raw sewage and other pollutants flowing into the New River, and to tamp down lung-clogging dust along the fast-drying Salton Sea. Two weeks after county supervisors declared a local air pollution emergency at the sea, they voted unanimously again this week to proclaim a local […]

Rep. Levin Touts Bipartisan Efforts to Fund Water Supply Reliability

Rep. Mike Levin said California’s innovations and investments in water supply reliability and renewable energy are a model for the nation – and that the state’s efforts protect the environment while growing the economy at the same time. Levin, an attorney and congressman from San Juan Capistrano, represents the 49th District, which includes, Encinitas, Carlsbad, […]

Study: Switching to Solar And Wind Power Will Reduce Groundwater Use

Increasing energy output from solar and wind power could result in less groundwater usage and more drought-resistant environments, according to a study published Wednesday in Nature Communications. Researchers found solar and wind power, often viewed as valuable tools to help reduce reliance on fossil fuels and combat air pollution, can also lead to significantly less […]

Does A Rain-Free October Signal A Return to Drought In California?

“There are 200 different definitions of drought,” said climatologist Bill Patzert. “If you’re a firefighter with no rain in the month of October, and there are strong Diablo and Santa Ana winds, it’s a drought.” Southern California got no rain during October, and it was desiccated by super-dry Santa Ana winds. The jet stream that […]

California Wildfire Outlook Through End of 2019, Early 2020 | Need to Know

Each month the National Interagency Fire Center releases a report on the likelihood of wildfire development across the continental United States. Here’s a breakdown of the most recent report released on November 1, 2019. The Sacramento Valley and Foothills, entire Bay Area and the western slopes of the Cascade-Sierra range are projected to have above-normal […]

San Diego Taking Steps To Revive Landmark Water Recycling Program Amid Legal Dispute

San Diego took key legal steps Tuesday aimed at reviving efforts to construct the city’s $4 billion Pure Water pipeline, which was abruptly halted this summer by a legal dispute over the use of unionized construction workers. The City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to remove pro-union language from contracts for Pure Water, a recycling system […]

Opinion: A Fresh Look At The Future Of Hydropower Requires That We See Clearly Its Past and Present

As society grapples with climate change and the challenge of decarbonizing the national energy grid, proponents increasingly hold up hydropower as an indispensable part of the solution, touting it as “clean, green energy.” They decry what they see as the unfair federal and state tax and regulatory advantages of wind and solar. In a recent […]