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State Water Project Allocations Increase To 75 Percent

The California Department of Water Resources announced Thursday that it will increase the 2019 State Water Project allocation to 75 percent from 70 percent. This is the final allocation for the calendar year. The initial allocation in November 2018 was 10 percent. The 2019 allocation of ­­75 percent amounts to 3,145,105 acre-feet of water. “This winter’s robust […]

San Diego Water Authority’s Jim Madaffer Named To Colorado River Board

Jim Madaffer of the San Diego County Water Authority has been named to the Colorado River Board of California, which represents the state in talks with other states and federal agencies regarding management of the Colorado River. The appointment was announced Thursday by Gov. Gavin Newsom’s office. Madaffer, 59, is a former San Diego councilman […]

San Diego’s Farmer Of The Year Taps Every Drop

Growing water-intensive crops like avocados in San Diego County is no small feat. Producing avocados requires the use of innovative farming methods to supply the trees with enough water. It’s the use of innovative farming methods that earned John Burr the title of San Diego County’s Farmer of the Year – an honor he recently […]

‘Centers Of Insurrection’: Central Valley Farmers Reckon With Climate Change

On an average day on the Burroughs farm outside of Denair, about an hour’s drive southeast of Modesto, you might witness the surprising sight of cows wandering amidst the almond trees. Chickens might peck their way by. And most definitely there will be plenty of free-spirited birds and bees and insects flickering across the scene, […]