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Opening the Doors To Careers In Water

Cecilia Bernal came looking for a career. Essie Mae Horne was focused on occupational advancement. Michaela Maddox-Gomez wanted to explore her options before she graduates from Mt. Carmel High School. Bernal, Horne and Maddox-Gomez were among the approximately 250 people packing the Center for Water Studies 2nd annual Women in Water – Exploring Career Pathways […]

Energy Storage Evolution; POU Leaders Weigh Costs, Benefits And Performance

With a decarbonizing electricity business and the West perennially coping with drought, pumped-storage projects would seem to be the ideal win-win solution. Carbon-free electricity is generated by water from an upper reservoir falling on a turbine. Water is then pumped from the lower reservoir back to the upper reservoir chiefly using renewable power to be […]

Sunshine Should Return After A Stormy Week

Jimmy Cliff’s 1971 song “I Can See Clearly Now” should be appropriate on Friday and well into next week. After a series of storms, gone will be the dark clouds – and the rain. Friday is gonna be a bright, bright, bright, sunshiny day, according to the National Weather Service. An “atmospheric river” of moisture […]

Rains Cause Canyon Lake Dam To Overflow, Sending Welcomed Water To Lake Elsinore

While this week’s rains forced mandatory evacuations for parts of the city of Lake Elsinore, it’s also brought good news for the lake itself. Canyon Lake dam upstream of Lake Elsinore is overflowing for the first time in two years, sending healthful water to Southern California’s largest natural freshwater lake. The lake periodically experiences dead […]