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Opinion: Connecting California: A New Water Party Could Break the Dam Gumming Up Our Politics

I got one of those calls again — they come every six months — from a Silicon Valley hotshot who wants to use his brain and his wealth to fix what ails California. This investor asked the same old question: What measures might I put on the ballot to reform the state’s politics and governance?

House Democrats Ask CDC to Halt Water Shutoffs During the Pandemic

Two Democrats on the House Committee on Oversight and Reform asked the federal government’s top public health agency to suspend water service disconnections nationwide as a means of slowing the spread of Covid-19.

To protect public health, Reps. Harley Rouda of California and Rashida Tlaib of Michigan want the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to use its authority under the Public Health Service Act to prohibit water utilities from shutting off service to customers who are behind on their bills.

Water Agencies Assist in Fighting Valley Fire

The Sweetwater Authority and the Otay Water District collaborated with multiple agencies during the recent Valley Fire in San Diego County. Water infrastructure played a key role in the firefighting effort.

Cooperation and collaboration are critical elements during wildfires. Both water agencies worked with multiple responders, including U.S. Forest Service firefighters, CALFIRE and SDG&E, to ensure the safety of crews and keep a safe, reliable water supply flowing for their customers.

The Colorado River’s Water Supply is Predictable Owing To Long-Term Ocean Memory

A team of scientists at Utah State University has developed a new tool to forecast drought and water flow in the Colorado River several years in advance. Although the river’s headwaters are in landlocked Wyoming and Colorado, water levels are linked to sea surface temperatures in parts of the Pacific and Atlantic oceans and the water’s long-term ocean memory.

Climate Point: California Becomes First State To Set Audacious Conservation Goal

Welcome to Climate Point, your weekly guide to climate, energy and environment news from around the Golden State and the country. In Palm Springs, Calif., I’m Mark Olalde. Intense weather and natural disasters continue demanding headline space in a year that’s seen enough news to last a decade. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, there have already been 16 weather events in 2020 that came with a bill for rebuilding that exceeded $1 billion.

Trash from Coastal Cleanup Month Shows Impact of Coronavirus

There were the usual cigarette butts and bottle caps that made the Top 10 list.

But this year, there were new trends when looking at the data compiled during Coastal Cleanup Month, with preliminary reports released this week showing what volunteers scooped up on the beaches, waterways, parks and neighborhoods throughout the state during the month of September.

FPUD Approves Final Change Order for Winter Haven Road Pipeline Replacement

Unforeseen conditions caused a change order to the Fallbrook Public Utility District contract to replace the pipeline along Winter Haven Road, but it was the only change order needed in the contract to replace approximately 2,570 feet of pipeline.

Rainbow Approves Contract to Install Morro Reservoir Tank Mixing System

The Rainbow Municipal Water District approved a contract to install a reservoir mixing system in the Morro Reservoir.

Helene Brazier did not participate in the Sept. 22 board meeting, when the other four board members gave support to the contract with CPC Systems Inc. The contract will be for $232,998 and CPC Systems, which is based in Irwindale, will install nine Kasco mixers with an option to install three more Kasco mixers.

Strong Infrastructure and Skilled Staff Add to the Value of Water

Customers know when they need clean drinking water, they simply have to turn on the tap. At Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District, we take pride in ensuring customers don’t have to worry about the safety or reliability of their water.

SDG&E Releases Sustainability Strategy with Green-and Justice-Oriented Goals

San Diego Gas & Electric released a sustainability strategy Thursday with climate change-conscious goals in the areas of environmental stewardship, clean transportation, grid modernization, community engagement and company operations.