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Vista Irrigation District Names 2020 Student Poster Contest Winners

Vista Irrigation District has presented awards to three artistic fourth-grade students as winners of the District’s 2020 Water Awareness Poster Contest. The District’s board of directors selected the recipients at its July 15 meeting. This is the 28th year of the local contest. This year’s theme was “Love Water, Save Water.”

Karmen Isabel Simons, a fourth-grade student from St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School in Vista, received first-place honors for her entry in the competition. She received a $100 award

Polls Show Public Support for Two O.C. Desalination Proposals

Public support for proposed desalination plants in Huntington Beach and Dana Point appears strong in two recent polls, although opponents call the surveys biased and say neither poll addresses key obstacles facing these very different projects.

One poll showed 76% support among Huntington Beach residents for the proposal there. Another said support ranged from 64% to 80% for the project located near Doheny State Beach, depending on how the question was framed.

California Plans to Cut Detection Level for Perchlorate in Water

California water regulators announced Monday they planned to cut the level at which water suppliers must sample for and report detections of the chemical perchlorate, which has been linked to thyroid conditions.

Water suppliers in California currently must test for perchlorate in drinking water down to 4 parts per billion. The State Water Resources Control Board said it plans to cut that level to 2 parts per billion and then again to 1 part per billion in 2024.

California Adopts Definition of Microplastics in Drinking Water

In accordance with deadlines set in 2018 legislation, the California State Water Resources Control Board has adopted a definition for “microplastics” that will be used in testing of drinking water for microplastics. The Board was required, on or before July 1, 2020, to adopt a definition of microplastics in drinking water and, on or before July 1, 2021, will be required to adopt requirements for testing and reporting on microplastics in drinking water, among other things. While this development is currently focused on the testing of drinking water in California, the Board and others expect that it will form the basis of future efforts to quantify and address microplastics in the environment.

New Survey Polls U.S. Confidence In Tap Water

Four in five Americans served by a water utility (77 percent) say the quality of their tap water is excellent or good, although Black and Hispanic respondents report a lower level of satisfaction, according to a survey conducted by Morning Consult on behalf of the American Water Works Association.

Resilience Must Be Viewed Through a Big-Picture Lens

Water is assumed to be among the most ‘resilient’ of sectors. Whatever the economic picture, we all need water. Sophisticated engineering design means technical threats can be engineered out. And the experience of Covid-19 so far appears to back up the assumption. The share prices of the big water firms have held up well; issues like increased demand have had only a minimal effect.

Opinion: Nevada Should Challenge Utah’s Move for a Lake Powell Pipeline

In politics, what goes around can and sometimes should come around. A case in point is the Desert National Wildlife Refuge and Lake Powell Pipeline.

Utah’s infamous Rep. Rob Bishop, known for his abysmally bad voting record on public lands and environmental issues, recently pulled off a “sneak attack” on Nevada in the House Armed Services Committee. On July 1st, reportedly without consulting with any Nevada officials, he put forward an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act legislation to give the Air Force primary control over approximately 850,000 acres of the DNWR.

Farmers Doing More With Less Need Help From Above

Joel Ackerknecht manages about 3,500 acres of land north and west of Bakersfield and south of Arvin for DM Camp and Sons, a more than 80-year-old Kern County farming operation that grows a variety of specialty crops, including wine grapes, nuts and sweet potatoes.

Spring Rains Revealed Fairy Shrimp at Escondido Preserve

Spring rains revealed tiny, temporary creatures in road ruts at an Escondido nature preserve this April. Staff members for the Escondido Creek Conservancy found fairy shrimp in the shallow puddles at the Mountain Meadow Preserve in North County. The miniature crustaceans appear in vernal pools that form under specialized conditions, and they live only as long as the fleeting water sources remain.

San Diego Food System Alliance Seeks Community Input

The San Diego Food System Alliance this week announced for the public’s help in creating a 10-year strategic plan for moving the region toward a healthier, more sustainable and more just food system.

With the community’s support, the Alliance plans to create Food Vision 2030, a plan that will be used to help prioritize food issues, design goals & objectives, and direct resources in a way that meets the needs of all communities in San Diego County.