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West Basin Municipal Water District Presents El Segundo Desalination Plant to Manhattan Beach Leaders for the First Time

The final environmental study for a proposed desalination plant in El Segundo will soon be released, the City Council for adjacent Manhattan Beach learned this week, when it received its first formal presentation on the potential project — even though the West Basin Municipal Water District first pitched the plant in 2015.

If approved, the proposed $400 million plant — which would border El Porto, in El Segundo — would be capable of converting 20-to-60 million gallons of ocean water to drinkable water each day. District officials have said the plant is crucial to diversifying the region’s water supply, in case there’s an emergency or a severe drought.

Water Authority Celebrates 75 Years With Member Agencies

Ramona Municipal Water District is among the San Diego County Water Authority’s 24 member agencies that are recognizing CWA’s 75th anniversary.

Denise Vedder, director of public outreach and conservation for CWA, announced the milestone and thanked the RMWD representatives for their support at Oct. 8 district board meeting.

New California Law Creates Path to Water and Wastewater Industry For Military Vets

State legislation allowing veterans to receive credit for their military education and experience when applying for civilian water and wastewater system operator certifications in California was recently signed.

San Diego County Water Authority and the Otay Water District co-sponsored Assembly Bill 1588 to increase the number of military veterans entering the civilian water and wastewater industry at a time when many Baby Boomers are retiring.

California’s Delta Smelt Are Dying: How This Affects The State’s Water

The Delta smelt is such a small and translucent fish that it often disappears from view when it swims in the turbid waters of its home in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.

However, it’s also been disappearing from the Delta entirely.

“The Delta smelt has gone from being one of the more abundant fish in the Delta to being just on the verge of extinction today,” Peter Moyle, an Emeritus Professor of Fish Biology at UC Davis, said.

To Fund Water Plan, Colorado Lawmakers Want To Gamble On Sports Betting

Music is blaring and grills are firing up at a parking lot awash in navy blue and orange outside Empower Field at Mile High Stadium in Denver.

Todd Endicott of Lafayette stands outside an ambulance turned Broncos fan-mobile. He outfitted this orange and blue rig for tailgates. It’s plastered in life-size stickers of players, and the football team’s logos, vintage and new.