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Two Small Agencies Want A Divorce From The Water Authority. It Could Get Messy.

Back in January, the head of an obscure government agency that exists almost entirely to draw the boundary lines of other public agencies had gotten wind of something. Two rural water agencies wanted to bolt from the San Diego County Water Authority so they could start buying cheaper water from Riverside County.

Keene Simonds knew what was in store for his agency, the San Diego Local Agency Formation Commission, which oversees things like where a city’s limits end and where water districts can sell water.

This water thing, Simonds wrote in an email to a consultant, “could be a doozy.”

How much of a doozy is only now becoming clear.

San Diego Water Rates Going Up 6.3 Percent This Year

Water customers in the City of San Diego will be seeing another increase on future bills, but not quite as high as it could have been. The increase will be a combination of the city rate increase that took effect Sunday, September 1st, and another increase from San Diego County.

In a letter reminding customers of the rate change, the City of San Diego said the 4.82% increase will pay for, among other things, infrastructure investments, water quality testing, and costs that are passed down from other agencies.

Pacific Beach Girl Scout Promotes Water Wise Landscaping

When many San Diegans think about native plants, it can bring up images of dry landscapes or prickly cacti. However, truly native plants can create a colorful landscape for Pacific Beach residents year-round.

This summer, at the Pacific Beach Taylor Library Community Room, Girl Scout Isabella Catanzaro held a workshop on how to create a beautiful landscape using only 30% of the water consumed by a typical lawn.