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West Wrestles With Colorado River “Grand Bargain” As Changing Climate Depletes Water Governed By 1922 Compact

Rocky Mountain water managers worried about climate-driven depletion across the Colorado River Basin are mulling a “grand bargain” that would overhaul obligations among seven southwestern states for sharing the river’s water. This reflects rising concerns that dry times could turn disastrous. An enshrined legal right of California and lower-basin states to demand more Colorado River water could imperil half of Denver’s water supply. The grand bargain concept arose from increasing anxiety in booming Colorado and the other upper-basin states — New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming — about their plight of being legally roped into sending more water downriver, even if dry winters, new population growth and development made that impossible without shutting faucets.

Metropolitan Water District Board of Directors Welcomes Compton City Councilwoman Tana McCoy

Compton City Councilwoman Tana L. McCoy has been appointed to the Metropolitan Water District (MWD) of Southern California Board of Directors as the city’s representative to the 38-member board. She succeeds Janna Zurita, who served on Metropolitan’s board since November 2015. In seating McCoy on the board MWD Board Chairwoman Gloria Gray said, “I welcome Tana McCoy to the board and I look forward to working with her.” McCoy has a lengthy history of public service. Prior to accepting a unanimous appointment to represent Compton’s District 3 on the City Council McCoy had been a 40-year city employee before retiring in 2016. She was elected in the city council 2017 for a full term.