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Water Uncertainty Frustrates Victims Of California’s Worst Wildfire

Tammy Waller thought she was one of the lucky ones after her home in Magalia survived California’s most destructive wildfire ever, but her community remains a ghostly skeleton of its former self. Hazmat crews are still clearing properties, and giant dump trucks haul away toxic debris. Signs on the water fountains in the town hall say, “Don’t drink.” Waller remembers the day she came back home after the Camp Fire. “When I first walked in, I went to my kitchen sink and turned on the water, and it was just literally black,” Waller says.

Feds Say Fisheries Are In Good Shape, But Climate Challenges Loom

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration touted the environmental benefits of the agency’s fisheries management Friday, saying the number of fisheries at sustainable levels is near a record high. The agency said its 2018 Status of the U.S. Fisheries Annual Report to Congress is proof the United States is the unrivaled leader in stewardship of fish populations within its rivers, streams an off its shores. In addition to the near record on sustainability, the agency said it has rebuilt the population of the smooth skate – a small fish resembling stingrays – in the Gulf of Maine. NOAA also touted the positive contributions commercial and recreational fishing make to the national economy.