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Borrego Air Ranch: A Desert Community in Peril

The survival of a tiny, unique, desert neighborhood is threatened because more than 60 years ago the community decided to form a small water district instead of digging individual wells.

Borrego Air Ranch is built around a private air strip where residents’ garages double as airplane hangers. It’s located on the southeastern outskirts of unincorporated Borrego Springs, less than a mile from Anza-Borrego Desert State Park.

Market-based Program Would Encourage Farmers to Buy, Sell Local Groundwater

A local water district is developing a novel, market-based groundwater trading program that, if successful, could be expanded or copied to help Central Valley farmers cope with new state restrictions against over-pumping the region’s aquifers.

No Dam? No Lake! No Lake? No City?

If Robert P. McCulloch had not flown over the beautiful waters of Lake Havasu, there would never have been a Lake Havasu City. But if Parker Dam didn’t exist, there would never have been a Lake Havasu in the first place. It’s a bit like the riddle of the chicken and the egg. That’s all history, as they say, and Lake Havasu was the catalyst that built Lake Havasu City.

OPINION: California Needs Sites Reservoir. Here’s Why

California’s aging water infrastructure desperately needs an upgrade.

Shorter, more intense rain storms, less snowpack and more prolonged stretches of drought reflect the reality of climate change. There’s no one project, no single action, that will save California from a dry and unreliable water future.