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Reclamation Gives Westside Farmers Another Nudge For Water

The Bureau of Reclamation once again revised its allocation for westside farmers in the San Joaquin Valley, announcing Friday it would provide 75 percent of its contracted amount of water. The announcement is an increase of five percent from late May. Since February, the Bureau’s water allocations for agricultural use in the Central Valley Project have more than doubled – first starting at 35 percent. However, sustained rainfall into the month of May perpetually forced revisions akin to Friday’s announcement.

OPINION: It’s Time To Finally Adopt A Russian River Plan

Here’s a safe prediction: Generations to come will be thankful for everything done today to protect the Russian River. Here’s another: Restoring and preserving the river’s health will become more challenging and expensive each time action is delayed. As reported in The Press Democrat by Staff Writer Mary Callahan, delay has been a central feature of the North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board’s efforts to adopt a plan to protect and improve the Russian River’s water quality. The delay so far has been excusable — earlier drafts of the plan needed refinements, and California’s water quality regulations have changed — but now it’s time to move forward. The third iteration since 2015 of the regional water board’s staff report and draft action plan for the Russian River are now out for review and comment.