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‘There’s So Much Here That’s Still Alive’: Young Filmmakers Document A Dying Salton Sea

Massive fish-die offs. Dead birds. A toxic stench. Bryan Mendez and Olivia Rodriguez are dissatisfied that those sad facts are the only things most Californians ever hear about the Salton Sea, one of the largest inland seas in the world. “We’ve heard on and on about the birds, the fish, they’re dying. We know that,” says Rodriguez. “How do we transform this narrative, to show there’s also a community of people here?”

New Invasive Species Found In Carlsbad, Threatens To Spread Across Southwest

A new invasive weed that can grow into a dense mat, choking off most other plants, has gained its first North American foothold in Carlsbad and is threatening to spread across the Southwest with seeds that can travel on clothes, boots and tires. Ward’s weed, a native of the Mediterranean region and Western Asia, has already conquered Australia. It arrived on the small continent in 1915 and now can be found in every Australian state, with the most extensive concentrations on the country’s arid southern coast.

As Two Big Ventura Projects Make Their Way Up, The City Council Will Get A CEQA Primer

Ventura policymakers on Monday will get a primer on a law that requires local agencies to consider a project’s environmental impact.  The California Environmental Quality Act — or CEQA, as it’s commonly called — was enacted in 1970. It mandates that a project not be approved if there are ways to lessen the environment effects of a development.  Currently, the city has two significant environmental impact reports, which CEQA requires, making their way through the development process. One is for a plan to build a 7-mile pipeline to tap into Ventura’s long-held investment in state water. The water would wheel through the Calleguas Municipal Water District, which gets water via the Metropolitan Water District in Los Angeles.

Photographers Capture ‘Water in Everyday Life’

The Helix Water District honored student photographers for their award-winning photos in the agency’s annual high school photo competition. Winners were recognized during a special board meeting on March 20, 2019. Seventy-four students from four schools entered the competition with photos depicting the theme ‘Water in Everyday Life,’ illustrating the importance and beauty of water. Ten winning photos in two categories (color or black & white) will be on display through mid-May at the Helix Water District’s administration office located at 7811 University Avenue in La Mesa.

Turf Removal Funding Increased To $2 Per Square Foot

Eastern Municipal Water District customers are eligible to receive $2 per square foot when they remove grass at their homes and businesses after regional funding opportunities were recently doubled. The popular turf removal program funded by The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California – of which EMWD is a member agency – began providing funding of $2 per square foot as of April 1. In addition to the increased funding, the program has undergone administrative changes to assist customers.