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OPINION: Our View: Saving For A (Non) Rainy Day

March didn’t exactly come in like a lion, with apologies to Richard Rodgers, but the season’s herky-jerky approach to spring does lead many to wonder if the rains will ever stop and the temperatures will ever rise again. Of course, the answer to both is yes. The past few weeks have been marked by several days of rain followed by a dry day or two followed by rain followed by a dry day or two and on and seemingly on. Planning outdoor activities always is a bit dicey in late winter, or what passes for winter. California residents are blessed with perhaps the country’s best overall weather.

A Massive Aquifer Lies Beneath The Mojave Desert. Could It Help Solve California’s Water Problem?

The landscape here is more Martian than Earthly, rust and tan plains that rise in the distance to form the Old Woman Mountains to the east and the Bristols and Marbles to the north and west. Almost everything here is protected by the federal government. The opportunity or threat, depending on your point of view, lies beneath the dusty surface that, after a recent rain, blooms with sprays of yellow desert dandelion. There is water here in the Mojave Desert. A lot of it.

OPINION: Why Are We Still Conserving Water?

The National Conflict Resolution Center handles many disputes involving minor family tensions that escalate into major sources of friction. We explore this category today with an example of a couple locked in disagreement over water conservation practices. Partner A, who grudgingly agreed to curtail water usage during the drought, believes the current onslaught of rain is a license to take long showers and run the tap while brushing teeth. Partner B, who is deeply committed to environmental sustainability, sees no reason to backslide into wasteful habits. Like most domestic standoffs, this was prompted by a “presenting issue” (an argument over water conservation), but it involves more complex challenges of handling 24/7 diverging views and clashing priorities.