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Rain Harvesters Pocket Funds From City Rebate Program

Recent rainfall is filling the pockets of some San Diego residents who partake in rebate programs for harvesting rainwater. The area is seeing an increase in rainfall this rainy season and many residents are thinking smart. Rainfall totals are up by 2.67 inches since the start of the rainy season in October, according to the NBC 7 First Alert weather team. San Diego International Airport’s rain tracker has seen 3.5 inches of rain since the start of this year alone.

Calif. Clinches New Regs Just in Time for Federal Rollback

After more than a decade of drafting and editing, California is poised to finally update its wetlands regulations this spring. The effort, which began after a pair of Supreme Court decisions limited federal wetlands protections, could be finalized just in time to insulate the state from a Trump administration proposal restricting which wetlands and waterways are protected by the Clean Water Act. California State Water Resources Control Board Chief Deputy Director Jonathan Bishop said the administration’s Waters of the U.S., or WOTUS, rule “has little to do with our process.”

All This Rain Has Made a Big Dent in the Drought

How stormy has California been? Stormy enough that parts of Orange County got two inches of rain, enough to force Disneyland to close early,something the park hardly ever does. (This was unrelated to the guy jumping off Space Mountain last Thursday, temporarily shutting down that ride.) Here in San Francisco, we got 1.13 inches between Saturday and Sunday, with more this morning. If you were even slightly late to work today, your cuffs probably got soaked, since it was pouring hard downtown right around 9 a.m. But all this rain has led to another positive consequence for our abnormally-dry-is-the-new-normal state: The low-level drought has abated significantly.

Huge Storms are Slamming California with Torrents of Rain and Heaps of Snow

The second in major storm systems is battering California and other parts of the West Coast. It’s unleashing strong winds, heavy rain and massive amounts of mountain snow. Much of the state has already seen 200 to 400-plus percent of normal precipitation over the past week, and the same region is also generally running well above normal year-to-date. All this moisture has translated to over six feet of new snow in parts of the Sierra mountain range, and it’s still falling.

Here’s How California’s 6 Feet of Snow in 24 Hours Compares to Other Snowfall Extremes

Incredible amounts of snow have fallen throughout parts of the Mountain West since last Friday after a one-two punch from winter storms Kai and Lucian. The Sierra Nevada, straddling the border between California and Nevada, has been particularly hard-hit, where one ski resort tallied 6 feet of snow in just one day. Taking that crown is June Mountain, east of Yosemite National Park. June Mountain reported 72 inches of new snow in the 24 hours ending 9 a.m. PST Sunday morning.

San Diego County to Get Foot of Snow, Heavy Rain in ‘Full On’ Day of Winter Tuesday

Tuesday’s weather forecast contains a sentence not often heard in San Diego County: We’re going to have a day of full-on winter. A distinct river of uncommonly cold, moist air will flow through the region, bringing heavy snow to parts of Mount Laguna and Palomar Mountain, and about half as much to some lower elevations. The mountain peaks could wind up with a foot of snow between late Monday and late Tuesday, while areas like Julian could get a half-foot, said the National Weather Service.

Potent Winter Storm Brings Snow to the Mountains, Rain Everywhere Else

The tail of a potent Pacific storm is dropping snow across the San Diego County mountains and rain virtually everywhere else on what is expected to be the final day of nearly a week of cool, stormy weather. The National Weather Service predicted up to 8 inches of snow would fall in the mountains and as much as 6 inches in Julian. There could be up to 2 inches at the 2,500 foot level, forecasters said. The system also was expected to drop a quarter-inch of rain at and near the coast, and twice that across inland valleys and foothills, adding to the fall and winter bounty.

Joining 6 States, Arizona Agrees to Use Less Water From Colorado River

“Everyone will feel pain” was the mantra emanating from supporters of Arizona’s drought plan for the Colorado River as it wound through the Legislature. It is true that under the plan, now embedded in state law, the major water users served by the $4 billion Central Arizona Project — cities, tribes and farms — will all take a hit. But some users will be hurt more, and some will be hurt sooner, than others. Cities will lose the least amount of water and those cuts will not be noticed by their customers.

SCV Ratepayers Asked to Limit Outdoor Water Use – Not a Problem

As Santa Clarita Valley residents emerge from the second straight week of rain, local water officials have made a reasonable request to limit outdoor water use and to curtail lawn-watering. Specifically, SCV Water officials have asked customers to limit outdoor water use until Feb. 9 while they carry out annual maintenance on facilities at Castaic Lake. During the shutdown, SCV Water will also upgrade its connection to the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California’s Foothill Feeder, part of the system that delivers water from Castaic Lake to SCV Water for treatment and distribution for urban use.

More Rain? Storm Brings Mudflows, Rock Slides, a Blizzard to Southern California

Rams fans won’t have Southern California’s blue skies and sunshine to comfort them after the team’s 13-3 Super Bowl loss to New England on Sunday. Scattered showers and snow in the mountains are expected throughout the Southland through Tuesday night as back-to-back cold troughs of low pressure move over the area, according to the National Weather Service. By noon, the heaviest rains had passed through Ventura and Los Angeles counties and a flash flood warning issued from Thousand Oaks and Agoura Hills to Pacific Coast Highway had been lifted.