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With Colorado River Water Shortage Looming, U.S. Threatens to Impose Cuts

The federal government has moved closer to imposing water delivery cuts along the drought-depleted Colorado River after California and Arizona failed to meet a deadline for inking a broad agreement on how the seven states that depend on the river would cope with shortages. The federal official who manages the lower Colorado River had set Thursday as the deadline for the states to agree on a drought plan. Without a deal, the Interior Department would step in and begin to develop its own shortage plans, Bureau of Reclamation Commissioner Brenda Burman had warned.

Wind-Packed Storm Topples Trees and Dumps Upwards of an Inch of Rain in San Diego County

One of the windiest rainstorms of the winter blasted San Diego County Saturday, downing trees — including one in Balboa Park that crushed cars — stranding drivers on flooded freeways, and trapping a hiker on a water-swept cliff in La Jolla. The winds gusted to 68 mph on Palomar Mountain, 60 mph in Coronado, 53 mph on North Island, 52 mph in Solana Beach and Carlsbad, and 50 mph on Silver Strand. The National Weather Service issued a special wind warning for San Diego International Airport out of concern that the storm would affect flights. The airport got gusts up to 46 mph.

Winter Storm Wreaks Havoc Through Out San Diego

The second of three winter storms wreaked havoc Saturday through San Diego County, causing flooding, downed trees and power outages. In Del Mar, there were reports of a bluff collapse on the train tracks. Train passengers were ferried between the Solana Beach and Sorrento Valley stations while train services were stopped. A track inspector said it was ice plants falling into the ocean and not the bluff. On the main street in Del Mar, there was flooding. A crew from the swift water rescue told NBC 7 it was on standby in case anyone got stuck in the water.