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What Happens If Arizona Fails To Meet A Water Plan Deadline?

Lake Mead, the biggest source for water in the Southwest, is on the verge of reaching a critically low level. Gov. Doug Ducey said, “this is by far the most pressing issue we face as a state.” Arizona is facing a deadline to come up with a plan to conserve Colorado River water feeding Lake Mead. That deadline is two weeks away on Jan. 31 and the governor and legislature are running out of time.

Robust Storm Fueled By Atmospheric River Bears Down On SoCal

Southern California faces a third consecutive day of rain as another Pacific storm fueled by a conveyor belt of moisture bears down on the West Coast. This round is expected to bring widespread rainfall and the threat of mudslides as more moisture is added to already soaked hillsides in the region’s wildfire burn areas. Residents in parts of Malibu, Burbank, and Ventura and Santa Barbara counties were under evacuation orders.

Don’t Believe Your Windshield Wipers: Despite Storms, Southern California Water Conservation Is Still Needed

As rain continues to pelt Southern California, signs of an abundance of or even too much water are everywhere: Roads are flooded, reservoirs are filling and the wait time for Radiator Springs Racers at the damp Disneyland Resort has been less than a half hour. But as residents of burn areas evacuate and even heavier rain is forecast for Thursday, those who watch the state and local water supplies note that while the drought is technically over, the need to conserve water is not.