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Arizona Drought-Plan Issues Remain As Federal Jan. 31 Deadline Nears

Four key issues remain unsettled as negotiators for a Colorado River drought-adaptation plan wrap up discussions and prepare to send a complex package of water-saving proposals to the Arizona Legislature. Farmers, developers and officials of the $4 billion Central Arizona Project said Tuesday they still aren’t satisfied with various provisions in a proposed drought contingency plan aimed at propping up imperiled Lake Mead. Because of that, negotiations over details will probably have to continue even when the Legislature starts debating the plan next week.

Scientists Are Using Bacteria To Remove Harmful Contaminants From Our Water. Here’s How.

John Coates’ laboratory at the University of California, Berkeley, hums with activity. Negative 80-degree freezers whirr, liquid nitrogen bubbles, grad students meticulously measure and mix complicated concoctions. But all of this is nothing compared with the commotion going on at a microscopic level.  The Coates lab is growing many different kinds of bacteria, multiplying in petri dishes at mind-boggling rates. But these bacteria aren’t out to harm people or animals. In fact, quite the opposite — they’re hard at work breaking down a dangerous chemical that pollutes waterways across the United States.

Poseidon Prevails In Desalination Lawsuit

A lawsuit seeking a new environmental report for the controversial Poseidon desalination plant proposed for Huntington Beach was rejected by a Sacramento Superior Court judge on Tuesday. Three environmental groups had filed the suit, arguing that the plant’s 2010 Environmental Impact Report needed to be entirely done over because of subsequent changes to the proposal. In its 2017 approval of the project, the State Lands Commission determined that Poseidon needed only to complete a supplemental report addressing the changes to the project, which proponents champion as a drought-proof source of local drinking water.

Rebates On Lawn Replacement In San Diego Increased For Limited Time

The San Diego County Water Authority is making local customers aware that lawn rebates are currently 175 percent higher than normal. The average rebate on participating lawns is usually $1 per sq. ft. in San Diego County. It is currently at $2.75 per sq. ft. There is no word on when the rebate will go back down to a buck, but it could happen in the coming weeks. Rebates are not just reserved for lawn to turf replacement. In fact, the Water Authority encourages people to have water-efficient shrubs and trees as part of their gardens.

Storm To Return Mudslide, Flood Danger In Southern California Friday, Saturday

A storm is forecast to dip far enough south to bring soaking rain to much of the California coast, including Southern California, from Friday afternoon to Saturday morning. A blockbuster storm with high winds, pounding surf and widespread torrential rainfall and severe flash flooding is not anticipated. However, the cumulative nature of the rainfall in central and northern areas from recent prior storms, as well as a thorough soaking in Southern California with this storm can lead to travel delays, disruptions to outdoor activities and other problems.