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CWA Vote Entitlement Percentage Down For Rainbow MWD, FPUD

The San Diego County Water Authority board meeting Dec. 6 approved the 2019 vote entitlements for SDCWA member agencies, and the weighted vote for the Rainbow Municipal Water District and the Fallbrook Public Utility District will decrease from the agencies’ 2018 vote entitlements. The Rainbow Municipal Water District will have a 3.99 percent share of the CWA’s weighted vote total during calendar year 2019 board meetings. Rainbow had 4 percent of the 2018 weighed vote. FPUD’s weighted vote, which was 2.32 percent in 2018, will drop to 2.30 percent for the 2019 meetings. The U.S. Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton share of the weighted vote will remain at 0.09 percent.

What Will Become Of The Old Carlsbad Power Plant Site?

The seaside Encina Power Station, a Carlsbad landmark since the 1950s with its iconic boxy concrete building and 400-foot smokestack, has officially been retired to prepare for demolition. Owner NRG Energy Inc. switched off the old plant at 11:59 p.m. Dec. 11 and turned on its replacement. The new, smaller, more efficient “peaker” facility can be fired up in 10 minutes to meet the demands of a summer heat wave, a fallen transmission line or some other sudden development on the power grid.