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OPINION: Gov. Doug Ducey: Why I put $30 Million Toward Arizona’s Drought Contingency Plan

After a great deal of hard work in recent weeks, water leaders from across Arizona have made significant progress in the effort to protect Arizona’s Colorado River water supplies. This progress brings us closer to a statewide agreement on Arizona’s internal plan for implementation of the Drought Contingency Plan. The long, hard-fought struggle to develop an Arizona DCP has not yet concluded, as there are still many details yet to be worked out.

San Diego Urged to Make Water Line Improvements Ahead of Future Earthquakes

San Diego City Council was recently warned about the damage an earthquake can cause to the region, specifically on the county’s water system. “Strengthen their water system, make that long-term investment,” seismologist Lucy Jones said of the city’s aging water infrastructure. Jones recently spoke with city council leaders about improvements she’s helped develop for Los Angeles’ infrastructure. “[It] contributes to a much more difficult time getting your city back up and running,” Jones said.