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Council OKs $614 Million For ‘Cutting Edge’ Recycled Drinking Water Project

The San Diego City Council has approved borrowing $614 million to begin construction of the city’s innovative recycled drinking water project. The first phase of Pure Water — scheduled to begin construction in 2019 and open in 2021 — would use proven purification technology to recycle wastewater into 30 million gallons a day of drinking water. The loan comes from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and will cover 49 percent of the $1.25 billion project. There will be a second reading of the ordinance by the council in two weeks to officially authorize the loan.

Comparing Seasonal Snowfall During Previous El Niño Winters

Forecasters are continuing to predict an El Niño this winter in the tropical Pacific Ocean. An El Niño Watch was issued earlier this summer in June. One of El Niño’s common “downstream” impacts is above-average winter precipitation across the southern United States, the result of a stronger than usual Pacific jet stream.

OPINION: Proposition 3 Provides Needed Funds To Improve Valley’s Water Infrastructure

Imagine the Silicon Valley without technology or Hollywood without the entertainment industry. Just as those areas depend on their foundations for prosperity, our ability to capture, move and store water for agriculture is a determining factor for our region’s prosperity. In the southern San Joaquin Valley, water is our lifeblood. When it flows, communities prosper. Without it, jobs disappear, families leave, services evaporate and communities suffer. Even if your job doesn’t have anything to do with agriculture, if you live in our Valley, water matters.

Oroville Dam Work Spillway Work On Target To Meet Nov. 1 Deadline

Concrete placement on the Oroville Dam spillway is likely to meet the Nov. 1 public safety construction deadline despite some setbacks, the California Department of Water Resources said on Wednesday. One of the slabs in the middle chute of the spillway needed to be replaced earlier this month due to hot weather and high winds affecting its surface. That slab is one of 221 that have been placed on the spillway through the work process and DWR doesn’t expect that to affect the schedule.