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OPINION: Persistent Drought, Loss Of Snowpack Behind Extreme Wildfires

I read with great interest Sam Kumar’s opinion column on the recent California wildfires (“California wildfire prevention needs rational solutions,” Aug. 19). I agree on two points: The wildfires this season are substantially worse than normal, and the drought is to blame for this difficult summer experienced by Nevadans and our neighbors.

Climate Change Will Be Deadlier, More Destructive And Costlier For California Than Previously Believed, State Warns

Heat waves will grow more severe and persistent, shortening the lives of thousands of Californians. Wildfires will burn more of the state’s forests. The ocean will rise higher and faster, exposing California to billions in damage along the coast. These are some of the threats California will face from climate change in coming decades, according to a new statewide assessment released Monday by the California Natural Resources Agency.

Climate Change Report: California To See 77 Percent More Land Burned

This year’s wildfire season is not the worst that California will see. The number of large fires across the state will likely increase by 50 percent by the end of the century while the amount of land that burns annually will rise 77 percent, according to a new, far-reaching state report that seeks to document the impacts of climate change.

Lindo Lake In Lakeside Suddenly Turns Bright Green

Beautiful Lindo Lake in Lakeside is looking a bit different these days. People living nearby want to know why the lake seems to be a bright shade of green. Mindy Collier and other Lakeside residents who frequent the lake know all too well about the algae-like affair. “It seems to have improved a little bit,” said Collier. “It looks a little better.” The lake is only about three feet deep; combined with hot summers and slow-moving waters, it’s prime blooming grounds for blue-green algae, which, despite its name, is actually a bacteria.

East County Water Festival Coming To Santee Lakes Sept. 8

A festival to celebrate water and show how at least one entity recycles waste and turns it into drinkable water is on tap for next month. The East County Water Festival is set for 9 a.m. until 1 p.m, Saturday, Sept. 8, at the East County Advanced Water Purification Demonstration Project Visitor Center at the Padre Dam Municipal Water District in Santee.


Center For Water Studies Moves Into New Home At Cuyamaca College

The transformation of Cuyamaca College’s trailblazing Water and Wastewater Technology Program into the Center for Water Studies is all but complete. Among the premier water and wastewater training facilities in California, the Center for Water Studies relocated in late August to a renovated complex complete with new classrooms, a water quality analysis laboratory and a workshop for back flow, cross-connection controls, and related skills-based courses. The complex sits next to a state-of-the-art field operations skills yard that opened in January, with an above-ground water distribution system and an underground wastewater collection system.