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OPINION: The Drought Is Back

In January 2015, Governor Jerry Brown declared a drought state of emergency.  Droughts are a recurring theme in California’s climate. It has had unfavorable impacts on not only us but to animals and vegetation as well. We must rely on innovative agricultural tech startups to help our farmers feed a growing population with fewer resources. We, the people, should enforce these types of water management solutions to help deal with this depleting resource.

Customers Sue Embattled Compton Water District Over Discolored Water

Frustrated by discolored drinking water pouring from their taps, four Compton residents filed a class-action lawsuit late Monday against their water provider, Sativa Los Angeles County Water District. The lawsuit, filed at Los Angeles County Superior Court, accuses Sativa of failing to provide quality drinking water, misappropriating taxpayer dollars and causing a financial burden on its low-income customers in Compton and Willowbrook. It comes days before a crucial decision by county oversight officials on whether to dissolve the small public water district.

Hundreds Of Customers Are Still Without Power As Hot And Angry Angelenos Fume At The DWP

Before the scorching heat descended on Los Angeles last week, the Department of Water and Power assured residents it had “adequate resources” to meet the electrical demands of their air conditioners and refrigerators as temperatures rose. It did, in fact, have enough power to go around, utility officials said Monday, after tens of thousands of people had suffered outages. But officials said that in many neighborhoods, its aging infrastructure could not handle the surging demand for electricity as Angelenos ran their air conditioning day and night.

Record Heat Put Thousands Of Californians In The Dark Friday. Scientists Predicted This From Climate Change.

Temperatures shot up over 110 degrees in Southern California on Friday, obliterating all kinds of long-standing heat records, and the lights went out for tens of thousands of customers. Californians were powerless, without air conditioning, in the hottest weather many had ever experienced. Climate scientists have known this was coming, and it may only be the beginning.

Environment Report: It’s So Hot That Even Low Temps Are Setting Records

It’s been hot. That isn’t news. But the heat is, more than ever, unrelenting. When we talk about heat, we tend to think of how hot it is will get at the hottest point in the day. The National Weather Service and others are starting to point out something that’s gotten less attention: Even the lows are record-setting because they aren’t that low.

Water Authority Offers Incentive To Replace Grass

San Diego County residents can receive money to replace their grass with sustainable landscaping through a new program. The San Diego County Water Authority and Metropolitan Water District of California will offer $2.75 per square foot. The idea is to create climate-appropriate yards that save water, reduce stormwater runoff, and lessen green waste. The Landscape Transformation Program includes requirements for grass removal, irrigation modification, and water retention or filtration to support reuse of rainwater.

Water Fosters Innovation Economy In San Diego County

San Diego’s regional economy depends on cutting-edge industries such as life sciences, technology, aerospace, academia – not to mention the vibrant brewing sector. Together, those industries help drive economic prosperity countywide, and they share a basic need: reliable access to water. It may seem obvious, but newly released numbers reveal just how vital a safe and reliable water supply is to the region’s economy. Those five water-dependent industry clusters – life sciences, technology, aerospace, academia and brewing – collectively support daily business sales of nearly $30 million, according to a new report from the San Diego Regional Economic Development Corp.