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Ventura Moves To Increase And Diversify Its Water Supply

To increase its water supply and ensure it has sufficient backup during times of trouble, Ventura has been moving toward connecting to the State Water Project and embarking on a large-scale recycling system. On Monday, the City Council will hear an update on both projects.

California Has A New Plan For Allocating Its Water, And It Means Less For Farmers

State regulators proposed sweeping changes in the allocation of California’s water Friday, leaving more water in Northern California’s major rivers to help ailing fish populations — and giving less to farming and human consumption. By limiting water sent to cities and farms and keeping more for fish, the proposal by the State Water Resources Control Board’s staff likely will ignite a round of lawsuits and political squabbles. Critics immediately pounced on the plan, saying it will take some of the nation’s most fertile farmland out of production and harm the Central Valley economy.

Cal Am Desal Project In “Home Stretch” At CPUC

More than six years after being formally proposed to the state Public Utilities Commission, California American Water’s desalination project is in crunch time. A CPUC proposed decision on the proposal is less than a month away. It will be a precursor to the commission’s consideration of project permit approval and certification of the project’s environmental impact document, likely to occur some time in September just before a critical Carmel River cutback order milestone deadline. All this as Cal Am faces a second public takeover campaign and ballot measure led by Public Water Now this summer and fall.