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Everything In San Diego County Is Brought To You By Water

We’ve got a great thing going here in San Diego County, from the mountains to the coast and from the far northern reaches of our region to the international border. Our economy is strong — one of the largest in the nation — with everything from global giants to startups trying to make a splash. We’ve got the most small farms of any county in the country and innovative industries that put us on the map.

Water Use Across The United States Declines To Levels Not Seen Since 1970

Water use across the country reached its lowest recorded level in 45 years. According to a new USGS report, 322 billion gallons of water per day (Bgal/d) were withdrawn for use in the United States during 2015. This represents a 9 percent reduction of water use from 2010 when about 354 Bgal/d were withdrawn and the lowest level since before 1970 (370 Bgal/d).


The Two Biggest Challenges To Groundwater Recharge In California

The wet winter of 2017 brought an opportunity to test groundwater recharge – the intentional spreading of water on fields to percolate into the aquifer – as a tool for restoring groundwater levels and helping basins comply with the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA). This is especially important in the San Joaquin Valley, which has the biggest imbalance between groundwater pumping and replenishment in the state.

Report Finds Industrial Chemicals In Water Supply More Toxic Than Thought

A family of industrial chemicals turning up in public water supplies around the country is even more toxic than previously thought, threatening human health at concentrations seven to 10 times lower than once realized, according to a government report released Wednesday. The chemicals are called perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl. They were used in such goods as fire-suppressing foam, nonstick pans, fast-food wrappers, and stain-resistant fabric and carpet, but are no longer used in U.S. manufacturing. Water sampling has found contamination in water around military bases, factories and other sites.

A Deep Dive Into Groundwater, Desalination

At the height of the recent drought, the legislature passed and Gov. Brown signed legislation, the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA), that for the first time required California water agencies to account for groundwater pumping and held them accountable for the development of sustainable plans for the future. Groundwater accounts for approximately 30% of the state’s water supply.

San Diego Praised For Recycled Water Used In Stone Brewing Beer

Recycled water was used to make Stone Brewing’s Full Circle Pale Ale – a pioneering effort that’s winning kudos for the City of San Diego. San Diego partnered with Stone Brewing in 2017 to create the beer using advanced-treatment recycled water from the city’s Pure Water Demonstration Facility. The limited-edition beer was served only at an event at the brewery’s Liberty Station restaurant on March 16, 2017, a day Mayor Kevin Faulconer proclaimed “Pure Stone Day” in San Diego. It is no longer available to the public.

OPINION: A Vote For Three Californias Is A Vote For Endless Water Wars

Californians will vote this fall on a radical proposal to split the state into three: Northern California, Southern California and just plain California. The plan obviously raises a myriad of policy issues. But anyone inclined to vote for the initiative should be particularly concerned with the implications for the state’s most critical resource: water.

California Limits Daily Personal Water Use to 55 Gallons – Kind Of

California has always been America’s leader on environmental policy, and water is no exception. So it was hardly surprising when the state made headlines across the nation in early June with a new policy on residential water use: Californians will be limited to 55 gallons per person per day for their indoor water needs.

Fake-out in Compton? Brown, smelly water sparks concerns and allegations of a political ruse

Residents of Compton have complained about brown, smelly water coming out of their taps for more than a year. And when officials began talking about dissolving the troubled local water district, the area’s congresswoman scheduled a town hall meeting so community members could weigh in.

City of San Diego receives national award for using recycled water to make beer

The City of San Diego has received an “Award of Excellence for Events and Observances” for using recycled water to make beer. Last year, the City partnered with Stone Brewing to create the beer, “Full Circle Pale Ale.”