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Snow Today In The Sierra Nevada, More Storms To Follow

A winter storm is expected to drop several inches of new snow Thursday in the Sierra Nevada, and meteorologists with the National Weather Service are optimistic more systems will follow in the coming days. Thursday’s storm, which could deliver 6 to 10 inches of snow in the higher elevations, comes on the heels of a system Monday that brought as much as 7 inches of fresh powder to Tahoe area ski resorts.

Drought Of Common Sense

hadn’t been living in arid Southern California for long before I toured the Colorado River Aqueduct — the 242-mile system of dams, pumps, and channels that divert water through the Mojave Desert to the sprawling 20-million population Los Angeles region. It’s a vast engineering marvel and something that, in concept, is remarkably simple. The New Deal-era Parker Dam — a magnificent Art Deco structure that straddles the California-Arizona border — traps water from the river and pumps it to a holding pool at the top of a mountain.

OPINION: Fulfill The Promise Of The Water Bond

Maybe I was naïve. Back in October 2014 I wrote a column in F&H promoting the passage of the Proposition 1 water bond on the November ballot chiefly because money in the bond would be dedicated to water storage, something desperately needed as California faced a drought. One of our readers commented under the article that I was naïve to believe that money would ever be spent for water storage, that dams were an anathema to the powers that be in Sacramento. More than three years after voters approved the bond the $2.7 billion set aside for water storage is still unspent.

Wetlands In California And Oregon Could Disappear With Sea Level Rise

Earthquakes aren’t the only concern on the Pacific Coast. Though sea level rise is most often paired with Miami’s future, thousands of miles away, tidal wetlands along the West coast are vulnerable to sea level rise too, particularly in California and Oregon. Focusing on 14 estuaries on the West Coast, a new study published Wednesday in Science Advances localizes the future destruction due to sea level rise.

Drought Area Triples In 3 Months, Now Affecting 92 Percent Of California

About 92 percent of California is under some level of drought, according to a report released by the National Drought Migration Center on Thursday. That’s a three-fold increase from conditions just three months ago, when only 26 percent of the state was experiencing drought. The drought conditions are broken down into five categories, ranging from abnormally dry to exceptional drought. Right now, no part of California is being affected by extreme or exceptional drought, according to the report.

Not Much Snow, But A Full Water Supply

The Sierra snowpack may be next to nothing, but the Stockton area is set to receive another full supply of water from New Melones Lake, and there’s no reason to expect a shortage here this year, officials said. While the lack of snow is a big concern for the state as a whole, most reservoirs still are in healthy shape for the moment thanks to last winter’s floods. New Melones probably is in the best condition of the major reservoirs, at 134 percent of normal.

Water Department To Refund Customers For Water Meter Tests

Less than a week after an expert told NBC 7 Responds the city’s water meter testing procedures had “inadequacies” and past testing results were incomplete, the Public Utilities Department announced Wednesday they will be refunding customers who paid for meter tests during the past seven months. The policy change will only cover tests performed in the current fiscal year, going back to July 1, 2017.

Officials Break Ground On 1.6 Billion Gallon Recycled Water Reservoir In South Orange County

A reservoir capable of holding 1.6 billion gallons of recycled water is set to sustain south Orange County by the end of 2019. Once completed, the Trampas Canyon Reservoir will store enough excess treated water in the winter months to meet irrigation demands in the region during the summer. It will also be the largest surface water reservoir in south Orange County, with the capacity to hold more than one-half of the recycled water the district will generate from its nearby Chiquita Water Reclamation Plant, officials said.