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On ‘Day Zero,’ Cape Town Will Run Out Of Water. It’s Not The Only City At Risk.

Officials in Cape Town, South Africa, recently announced that the city will run out of water, perhaps as soon as April. On “Day Zero,” Cape Town will turn off the taps, leaving some 4 million people without basic access to water. Residents are bracing for the worst, with many fearing a breakdown in public order amid rising social tensions.

Water Bill Investigation: Are Smart Meters To Blame For Skyrocketing Rates?

There is still no explanation behind skyrocketing water bills across the City of San Diego. Since News 8’s “Your Stories” investigation first aired last month, city officials have requested an audit of the Public Utilities Department – which also launched its own probe into the issue – but some residents believe the new “smart meters” might be to blame. Jim Narvaez replaced his water guzzling lawn with artificial grass – so imagine his surprise when his water bill went up.

Environment Report: About Those Crazy High Water Bills

An untold number of water customers across San Diego are receiving inexplicably high water bills from the city. One gentleman told me the high charges, which he believes are inaccurate, threaten his ability to continue living in San Diego. He’s surely not alone. The city’s Public Utilities Department has mostly blamed its customers. The department says customers must be confused by a mixture of undetected leaks; a recent rate increase of 6.9 percent; a recent billing cycle that was 10 days longer than normal; unusually hot and dry weather; and, from time to time, “meter reading inconsistencies.”

Dept. Of Education Says Most Schools Must Test Drinking Water

State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson said Thursday that California public schools built before 2010 must test for lead in drinking water. The requirement comes several months after Gov. Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill 746, which requires community water systems statewide, beginning Jan. 1, to complete lead testing in these older schools by July 1, 2019.

Locals Seeking More Than $27 Million From DWR In Lawsuit

Nine individuals or entities from Yuba-Sutter are suing the California Department of Water Resources for more than $27 million in damages suffered as a consequence of the Lake Oroville spillway crisis last February. The action is part of a larger lawsuit involving more than 40 individuals or groups from around the North State that reportedly suffered more than $100 million in damages from the ordeal.


State Supports Antioch’s Plan For Desalination Plant

The City of Antioch’s plan to build a brackish water desalination plant on the San Joaquin River received a boost from the State Department of Water Resources, which is recommending a grant of $10 million in Proposition 1 Water Bond funds to the city for construction of the project. “I am pleased to see the hard work we put into passing the Water Bond paying off on a local project that will improve the quality and reliability of fresh water for Antioch residents,” said Assemblymember Jim Frazier, D-Discovery Bay.

California Drought Becomes Fearful Possibility As Hot Weather Conditions Continue

The dry winter stemmed back to much of the last six or more months, weather that is more typical of spring than mid-winter, according to the U.S. Drought Monitor. Temperatures have been well above average, which tends to dry out vegetation, soils, and water resources, tying in to the growing risk of wildfires, according to the report. The National Weather Service noted that temperatures in the Santa Clarita Valley for this weekend will be in the mid 80’s with wind speeds of up to 20 miles per hour.

Dry, Warm Start To Winter Saps Rocky Mountain Snowpack

This winter in the southern Rocky Mountains is shaping up to be one for the record books. And not in a good way. Parts of the West are currently experiencing one of the driest and warmest winters on record. Snowpack is far below normal levels in southern Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and California, leaving some to worry about this year’s water supply.