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Study: Sierra Nevada ‘Snow Line’ Is Moving Uphill

Anthony Cupaiuolo has been skiing the Sierra Nevada backcountry near Lake Tahoe since 1997. But over the last decade, he’s noticed some changes. “Outside of last year, which really sticks out as an anomaly, we haven’t seen [snow] coverage down at lower elevations nearly as much as we would in the late ’90s and early 2000s,” said Cupaiuolo, who usually skis at least 80 days every winter, with a majority of them spent in the backcountry.

BLOG: A Tale of Two Fires: How Wildfires Can Both Help And Harm Our Water Supply

Now that summer is over and rain has returned to California, it appears that the dramatic 2017 fire season is finally behind us. The effects of fire season can linger, however, with the possibilities of erosion and polluted runoff from burned areas. Napa County has even issued suggestions for how to protect waterways in burned landscapes. Not all news is bad when it comes to the interactions between fire and water, however. These two seemingly opposite elements can actually work in tandem under the right circumstances, to the benefit of people as well as the environment.