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State Sets Initial Water Allocation of 15%; Amount Likely Will Rise

The state Department of Water Resources on Wednesday announced an initial water allocation of 15 percent for most of its State Water Project contractors for 2018. The low percentage is a conservative figure, which is typical of the department’s early season forecast. But already, things are looking up. Shasta Dam is holding more water in Lake Shasta than historical averages, officials said.

Delta Tunnels: Cost Study Coming, State Says

A long-awaited study on the costs and benefits of Gov. Jerry Brown’s Delta tunnels should be finished by next spring, a state official said Thursday after an independent audit concluded such a study should have already been done. The tunnels have been in the planning stage for 11 years, but state officials have never completed a comprehensive analysis of whether the project pencils out financially. Such a study could answer basic questions like whether the tunnels will benefit the state as a whole and whether they should be built at all.

Sweetwater Authority Executes $23 Million Bond Sale – Funds Major Infrastructure Improvement Projects

Chula Vista, Calif. – On Tuesday, November 28, Sweetwater Authority (Authority) successfully completed a bond sale of $23 million to fund five major infrastructure improvement projects. These projects include improvements to Sweetwater and Loveland Dams, a new storage tank, replacement of an aged 36-inch transmission main, and other system improvements.