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Chance of Rain Monday as Temperatures Drop From Record-Setting Holiday Period

After a record-hot Thanksgiving weekend, a one-day cold front is expected to move into Southern California on Monday, according to the National Weather Service. Forecasters gave about a 30 to 40 percent chance that rain falling in the Central Coast area Sunday night would extend into Southern California on Monday morning. If precipitation does arrive, the weather service said, it was likely to be very light, maybe just sprinkles. The foothills on the coastal sides of the mountains have the highest rainfall potential, up to a quarter-inch.

FPUD Customers Come Out In Force To Oppose Rate Increases

The Fallbrook Public Utility District board of directors held a special board meeting the evening of Nov. 15 to provide background information regarding proposed water rate increases and to allow customers the opportunity to give their input regarding the rate hikes. FPUD officials were expecting a large turnout and they got it as more than 100 people crammed inside the FPUD board room. A sound system allowed those that weren’t able to get a spot inside the room to hear the meeting while sitting or standing in the courtyard.