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L.A. River: Conflict Ahead as Water Capture, Restoration Plans Converge

Everyone knows the Los Angeles river. Even if it’s not part of your neighborhood, the concrete-lined channel is familiar worldwide, because nothing else in the movies or television better depicts “urban wasteland” than this drain. But soon this stark, 51-mile (82-km) waterway may symbolize something else: tough choices amid water scarcity. California’s historic five-year drought has prompted the Los Angeles region to look at using the river as a water supply – a role it has not served in over a century.

Understanding the Impact of Climate Change on Water Recharge

A study published in October set out to answer a question of special importance to dry regions like Southern Arizona: How will climate change affect what happens to water recharge in Western states? The short answer, according to University of Arizona researchers, is that in the future there will be about the same or more recharge in the north, and states in the south will see less.

Brief Heat Wave To Last Through Thanksgiving

A heat wave that began on Tuesday will intensify today and last through Thanksgiving with temperatures rising into the 80s at the coast and into the 90s across inland valleys and foothills. The National Weather Service says the hot weather will peak today with temperatures reaching 88 in San Diego — about 20 degrees above average — and the low 90s in Poway and 92 in Escondido. A dome of high pressure is preventing cool, moist air from flowing into Southern California — a pattern that’s not unusual in late autumn.