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Weak La Nina portends Winter Of Weather Uncertainty In California

Much of California could be in for a drier winter if the building consensus calling for a weak La Nina pattern turns out to be accurate, a National Weather Service meteorologist warns. The federal Climate Prediction Center issued its winter outlook on Oct. 19, noting that oceanic and atmospheric conditions appear to favor wetter-than-average conditions across the northern U.S. and drier weather across the South.

OPINION: If We Can’t Build Two Tunnels to Bring Sacramento Delta Water to SoCal, Will One Suffice?

If two massive, 40-mile long, 40-foot-diameter tunnels that would direct Sacramento River water around the fragile Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta to Central and Southern California are too big, too expensive and too scary to contemplate, how about splitting the difference and going with a single tunnel? That’s been the response of some officials and observers after actions by a number of the water agencies that were slated to participate in the $17-billion California WaterFix put the fate of the twin tunnels in doubt.

Environment Health Officials Say Testing San Diego River For Hep A Would Waste Resources

Health officials in San Diego County said Monday they won’t be looking for hepatitis A in the San Diego River and that such an effort wouldn’t be a wise use of resources. The response comes after City Councilman David Alvarez sent out letters to regional water-quality researchers and Mayor Kevin Faulconer calling for testing in the watershed — which officials have recently identified as significantly polluted with human feces.

Much Of Levee Damage From This Year’s Storms Has Not Been Repaired

The California Department of Water Resources and the Army Corps of Engineers are repairing 30 sites that suffered “critical” damage this winter and are preparing to fix another 10. But, there are 100 locations that have been tagged as “serious” that will not be addressed this year. “The contingency plan, what we’re going to do is really lean into flood-fighting,” said Jon Ericson with DWR. “Monitoring the situation to see if the condition is going to progress to something that may cause flooding in a local area,” he says.

Does California Have Enough Water For Marijuana Hot Spot In Desert?

On the farthest edge of California’s Mojave Desert, a tiny outpost known as Nipton has waited a century for its boom to come. First it was the promise of gold and silver riches from a handful of mining claims. Then came cattle ranching and a railroad stop on a new line between Salt Lake City and Los Angeles. Later, Las Vegas bloomed into a tourist mecca just across the state line, and Interstate 15 was built within 10 miles of Nipton – not close enough to swing the town’s fortunes. 

It May Be Back To The Drawing Board For Jerry Brown’s Delta Tunnels

Despite a personal push from Gov. Jerry Brown, the Santa Clara Valley Water District’s Board of Directors gave a resounding “no” the other day to helping to pay for his plan for two 35-mile tunnels under the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta to help deliver water to the Central Valley and Southern California. The district was being asked to kick in $620 million to the project. The seven-member board’s vote against the idea was unanimous.