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New obstacle in the Cadiz water project in the Mojave Desert? The company says no

The state of California is asserting landownership rights along a proposed pipeline’s path that would help carry groundwater from a remote part of the Mojave Desert in San Bernardino County to Orange County and other communities.

The California Lands Commission asked Cadiz Inc. to fill out an application for a lease permit on a 200-foot-wide by 1-mile-long slice on the project’s proposed 43-mile pipeline.

Environmentalists say this is a major development that could derail, or slow down, a project that’s gained steam in the Trump Administration.

Opinion: WaterFix is Santa Clara County’s best solution

Many people in Santa Clara County don’t realize that over half the water they use is imported. Even with local dams and percolation ponds to keep groundwater at sustainable levels, the county must import 55 percent of its water to meet the needs of residents, businesses and growers.