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131-Year-Old Heat Record In Downtown L.A. Could Fall On Saturday, Forecasters Say

The records are set up, ready to fall like dominoes if forecasters’ predictions prove accurate for Southern California’s heat wave this weekend. On Friday, the National Weather Service expects heat records for July 7 in at least six parts of Los Angeles and Ventura counties to fall. Other records could be tied.


With San Clemente Dam Gone, Are Steelhead Trout About To Make Comeback On The Carmel River?

Brian LeNeve has been fishing for almost 70 years, but he hasn’t dropped a line in his hometown river for the last 15. He says fishing in the Carmel River isn’t worth the risk of harming a steelhead trout – a threatened species. But this winter’s pounding rains, coupled with the 2015 removal of the San Clemente Dam, have given hope to LeNeve and other local fishermen that steelhead could make a comeback on their beloved river.


Weather Gets Weird As Record Rainfall Follows Record Drought

  • Texas struggled through its driest year in history in 2011. Four years later was its wettest ever. The Mississippi River rose to all-time-high flood levels in 2011. In 2012, its second-lowest. After a six-year drought that made agricultural irrigation a political hot potato, Northern California experienced nearly double the normal rainfall this year, beating the old mark set in 1983. As the planet warms, a less ballyhooed new normal is emerging in weather extremes. With deluge following dust, the record book is becoming increasingly difficult to rely on for those who study the weather.


OPINION: July 6: Letters to the editor

When the San Diego County Water Authority filed its initial rate case lawsuit in 2010 against the Los Angeles-based Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, we knew it would be a marathon. Seven years later, we passed another important marker in the long-running litigation when a June 21 ruling by the state Court of Appeal sided with the Water Authority and the San Diego region on several significant issues. The decision includes a few key takeaways: The Water Authority has a right to significantly more water from MWD than MWD had credited.

The Next Crisis For California Will Be The Affordability Of Water

The price of almost everything is on the rise, but we tend to shrug off inflation in goods and services we can cut back or do without. Not water, the rising cost of which is looming as a defining economic problem in coming years. In California and across the nation, concern about water affordability has been spreading, with good reason. Few basic commodities are under as much cost pressure.


Couple Traded Lawn For More Nature-Friendly Landscape

In spring of 2014, Wendy and Lee Hadovski decided it was time to do their part and save water. They had two motivations: One was to reduce their water bill, and the other was their concern about California’s severe drought. At the time, their front yard in San Diego’s El Cerrito neighborhood was 80 percent grass, along with some plants that needed too much water to maintain. Plus, the yard’s sprinkler system was not efficient. The couple signed up for a four-class WaterSmart Landscape Makeover Series sponsored by the San Diego County Water Authority.