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OPINION: Salton Sea’s Radical Turning Point Needed A Different Kind Of Storytelling

Everything is surprising about this sea. Saltier than the ocean, it breeds then suffocates tilapia. A mirage in the desert, it feeds flyway pelicans and cormorants. But it feels like a graveyard. Birds are dying in mortal rhythm with the fish. There is no tide and rivers flow north to a southern inlet. The sea sinks into view beneath waves of heat, shimmering in the Sonoran Desert, trapped between San Andreas Fault and Superstition Hills. The Salton Sea’s north shore starts after hedge rows of table grapes and fields of lettuce. The southern rim is 35 miles from Mexico.

How Much Rain Did The Bay Area Get?

Friday in the Bay Area saw something unusual: Not a drop in housing prices, or a win from the San Francisco Giants. But rain in June. A cold front blustering in from the Pacific Ocean off the Washington and Oregon coast brought gray skies and the first measurable rainfall on Thursday and Friday to the Bay Area’s three biggest cities — San Jose, San Francisco and Oakland — since April 20. And although it sent windshield wipers moving and people digging out raincoats from the backs of their closets, the storm didn’t bring much rain.