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Salton Sea Has Amazing History and Great Camping

The Salton Sea is a fascinating camping location with an amazing history. Previously known as the Salton Sink, directly above the San Andreas fault, the introduction of river water changed all of that. The Salton Sea was created in 1905, when spring flooding on the Colorado River Broke through canal gates that empty towards the Imperial Valley. It was nearly a year and a half before the breech was finally repaired. The result was the creation of a mammoth sea that is 20 miles wide and 45 miles long.

Blacklock Marsh: Tidal Habitat No Panacea for Thoughtful Restoration

Returning open tidal exchange to diked lands is a primary goal of Delta restoration, driven by the 2008 Biological Opinion from USFWS. This document requires 8000 acres of tidal and subtidal habitat to be created. California EcoRestore is coordinating with state and federal agencies to restore at least 30,000 acres, much of which will be tidal or subtidal. Evidence from newly created tidal wetlands, however, does not support the basic concept behind these restoration actions: that dikes can be breached and then left alone, to create tidal habitat with high benefits to endangered fishes.