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Snowmelt Not Enough To Chill Tahoe

The more snow melting into Lake Tahoe the colder the water will be this summer, right? Wrong. Though it might seem logical that the large amount of snow melting into the lake would affect its temperature, according to Geoff Schladow, director at UC Davis Tahoe Environmental Research Center, that isn’t the case. “Even in the really wet winter that we had, less than 1 percent of the water in the lake changes because of all this rain and snow,” explained Schladow. “Most of that water has been there for hundreds of years.”

Wildfires On The Rise Due To Drought And Climate Change

Fighting wildfires in America cost federal agencies almost $2 billion last year including more than half the budget of the U.S. Forest Service. Wildland fires are growing worse in a time of drought and climate change, and the biggest and most destructive fires can’t be stopped. They are a force of nature: imagine trying to stop a hurricane. Yet the government has to try, because more than a 100 million Americans now live in — or near — forests and grasslands that can erupt in flames. This is what’s left of a neighborhood in the Kern River Valley.