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Water Officials To Test Repairs At San Diego School After Elevated Lead Levels Found

City of San Diego officials are scheduled to test the water at Birney Elementary School in University Heights on Friday to determine if repairs successfully cleared contaminants from the plumbing system. Birney is one of two San Diego Unified School District campuses where elevated levels of lead were discovered in the water. Officials with the city’s Public Utilities Department told the City Council’s Environment Committee that while the city is testing for contaminants, school districts are responsible for making repairs.

Water Rates Already Among Highest Nationwide To Rise In San Diego County

Water rates in San Diego County, which are already among the highest in the country, are about to go up again. A typical household here pays more than twice the national average, according to the County Water Authority. While the average American family pays less than $40 a month, local residents pay about $80. Next year’s rates increase by the County Water Authority will be nearly four percent both for treated and untreated water. This marks the lowest increase in five years.