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Caffeine Is Being Found In San Diego County Streams

It began as a mystery for local water experts in San Diego County: numerous area streams showing the presence of caffeine, a stimulant with no natural source in California.A team from the state’s Surface Water Ambient Monitoring Program (SWAMP) pulled samples from 85 different locations across the county and found caffeine in 49 locations. According to a February fact sheet, from the Regional Water Quality Control Board, the group was finding similar results year round in a seven-year period from 2008-2015.


San Diego Water Authority Wants Proposals For 500 MW Of Pumped Storage

The San Diego County Water Authority, in conjunction with the City of San Diego, is seeking proposals for a 500 MW pumped hydro power station.The water authority plans to issue a request for proposals this summer to solicit more detailed proposals from 18 respondents to an earlier request, but is also open proposals from parties that have not yet submitted proposals. The project would involve a 500 MW pumped storage facility at the San Vicente Reservoir that would be capable of storing energy for five to eight hours.

California Proposes Stringent Cap On Toxic Chemical In Drinking Water

California regulators are proposing a strict limit on a toxic man-made chemical that has contaminated water supplies throughout the state, particularly in its vast agricultural heartland.

California would be only the second state, after Hawaii, to establish a threshold for the former pesticide ingredient and industrial solvent known as TCP (1,2,3-trichloropropane) in drinking water. The chemical compound, identified in California as a human carcinogen, is no longer in wide use but has leached over the years into many wells and reservoirs.

Delicate Vernal Pools Restored In San Diego County

Those drenching winter rains that ended California’s six-year drought, painted San Diego’s Proctor Valley green this spring. The Chaparral Lands Conservancy’s David Hogan stands in the heart of the expansive landscape and sees a window into the region’s past. “Proctor Valley is special because it’s such a large relatively intact chunk of natural habitat lands so close to the city just east of the subdivisions in Chula Vista, right now,” Hogan said. “It’s really unique to have this much intact native habitat still around, anywhere close to San Diego.”

OPINION: Compounding The Water Issue

The adage “One thing leads to another” is reaching new heights in California. For 150 years we have attempted to suppress forest fires instead of managing them, hindering nature’s way of thinning our forests. Prior to the spotted owl and the Endangered Species Act, we selectively logged the forests which replenished themselves every decade. We also used prescribed burns and grazing to accomplish forest thinning. Grazing and logging also provided jobs and revenue.

Redding Continues To Encourage Water Conservation After Drought

The City of Redding was out testing their sprinkler systems late Tuesday morning to ensure they were all working properly.  “The drought is over. The governor officially declared that,” said Brian Crane, who is the Public Works Director.  Even though the drought is over, Crane explained Governor Jerry Brown continues to keep some water regulations in place.