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Elevated Lead Levels Found In School Water

Students at three San Ysidro schools with outdated plumbing fixtures are drinking bottled water after contaminants were found in the water that flows from aged faucets and fountains at one of the campuses. The problem at La Mirada Elementary School prompted the district to investigate the water quality at its two other old campuses, Smythe Elementary School and San Ysidro Middle School. District officials said the bottled water is being dispensed until water-quality testing is done and any necessary fixes made.


County Officials Push For Water Storage, Saying Delta Is Losing Out On Recent Rainfall

Take one look out at the Mokelumne River today and you might see the flows are fast and high out on the water. All of the recent rains have created an abundance of water in Northern California, but there’s nowhere to store it all. The Delta Counties Coalition, represented by San Joaquin, Contra Costa, Sacramento, Solano and Yolo counties, is now arguing that if the state continues to focus on the $15 billion Twin Tunnels project, it will keep missing opportunities to invest in more cost-efficient and sustainable solutions like surface and groundwater storage.


Rain Will Ease Up Tuesday Across Southern California

As the restorative wet winter continued to douse drought-stricken Southern California, another storm system brought heavy rain to the region on Monday. Lighter rain is expected to fall Tuesday, enough to snarl the morning commute but fade by early evening. High winds will also rage in the morning, but ease by nightfall. The rain might lead to slick roads with pooling in some areas. The wind could also affect traffic through passes and along some desert highways, according to the weather service. Motorists were urged to use extra caution.


More Rain Expected For Soggy South Bay Cities

Another atmospheric river hovered over the South Bay early Monday, dumping about an inch of rain along the coast but stopping short of causing any major damage. An overnight countywide flood advisory was canceled by 9 a.m., but a similar storm was expected to roll in Tuesday and hang around into Wednesday, when high pressure brings fair and warmer weather, according to the National Weather Service. Forecasters another storm may deliver more rain Friday into the weekend.

AZ Conservation Deals Seek To Prevent Lake Mead Shortages

Water levels in Lake Mead, which stores water for Arizona, California, and Nevada, have plunged in recent years.  If levels drop below a certain point, they trigger an official shortage.  But as Maya Springhawk Robnett of the Arizona Science Desk reports, the three states are trying to avoid that… Federal water managers say there is a 50/50 chance water levels in Lake Mead will fall below one-thousand-seventy-five feet above sea level, or about 35% capacity for the reservoir.  That’s the point at which federal rules will kick in mandating radical cuts in water taken from the Lake.

California Storms Could Trigger Floods, Mudslides And Bring 120-mph Winds, Forecasters Warn

The storms didn’t pack the punch of the atmospheric rivers that swept across California in January. But the first of two storms that arrived before sunrise Monday dropped much welcomed rain and snow from the Sacramento Valley and Sierra Nevada down to San Diego County. After years of sustained drought, California’s landscape has been inundated with storm after storm since the beginning of the water year in October.


Municipal Water District Of Orange County Wants To Take ‘Emergency’ Out Of Drought

The drought panic is over – at least that’s what one water agency is declaring. On Monday, the board of directors for water wholesaler Municipal Water District of Orange County voted unanimously to declare an end to emergency drought conditions in Orange County and requested the state do the same. The move comes days after another water agency, in San Diego, declared an end to drought conditions and asked the state to end emergency regulations.


Rain in Southern California Triggers Flood Advisory, Concerns Of Mud Flows In Foothills

The first of two rainstorms to hit Southern California this week arrived before sunrise Monday, dropping more than an inch of rain in Ventura County and triggering concerns of mud flows in the city of Duarte. The storm is expected to let up this afternoon, said National Weather Service meteorologist Dave Bruno, but a second spell is expected overnight into early Tuesday. Even though the rainfall hasn’t been heavy compared with a series of atmospheric rivers that slammed California in January, it has sparked some concerns about overwhelming burn-scarred hillsides in the San Gabriel Valley.

‘State of Extremes’: What to Make of California’s Weather

A dry El Niño year followed by a wet start to what is expected to be a dry year in Southern California has raised questions about California’s climate. California is a state of extremes when it comes to precipitation, which has alternated between drought and excessive rain throughout recorded history. Los Angeles, for example, has an average of 15 inches of rain a year, even though the city rarely nears that amount. In the past 30 years, Los Angeles has gone from extremely dry years to well above average years of rain, which results in the 15-inch average overall.