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California Shivers Amid Record Freezing Temperatures

Freeze watches and warnings are in place throughout much of California as cold, dry air moves through, toppling temperature records. In Orange County, it was cold but no records were broken over the weekend, though temperatures dipped into the mid-30s around the county. The National Weather Service reported a low of 33 degrees in Laguna Beach. In 1935, Santa Ana hit a low of 29 degrees for the same date, said NWS forecaster Brett Albright. Meteorologists say a warming trend should be apparent by Tuesday, with lows in the 40s and highs in the low 70s.


Atmospheric Rivers Fueled By Climate Change Could Decimate Wild Oysters In San Francisco Bay

Climate change could supercharge the powerful storms often hailed for bringing drought-busting rains to California.The storms, called atmospheric rivers, are long stretches of water vapor that travel from the tropics up to the West Coast of the U.S.. In California, they can deliver up to half of the state’s annual precipitation in just a couple of weeks. But too much water at once can be a bad thing. The phenomena are capable of causing destructive floods and landslides — and now, according to a new study, ecological damage.


BLOG: A Quick Recap On Last Week’s Rain And Snow Across California

The weather has quieted down across California after last week’s soaking storm across the state. The setup involved several different factors that led to the significant rainfall event across the state, especially along the coast of northern and central California. For starters, a plume of moisture was observed extending from the tropics near Hawaii to northern California. This transport of high moisture content is referred to as a atmospheric river as I noted in the last blog and can be seen below. The persistent plume of moisture provided the fuel for the heavy rain.

California To Commission New Delta Research Vessel

The California Department of Water Resources will commission a new research vessel next week. The department will hold a ceremony and display the vessel Sentinel to news media on Monday in Sacramento. The department says the floating laboratory is critical to maintaining water quality in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta and San Francisco Bay. The Sentinel is a 60-foot aluminum catamaran. Its predecessor, the San Carlos, dates to 1976.