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OPINION: Two Opposing Views On Desalination Project

As a former Huntington Beach mayor, past member of the Coastal Commission and a 52-year resident of Huntington Beach, I am supporting Poseidon’s desalination project in Huntington Beach. I have followed the project for all of the years that it has been talked about, studied, researched and have come to the conclusion that it must be supported. My support comes from a layperson’s knowledge of the project. First, Southern California has been through five years of drought, with the prospect of a sixth year. Water is an absolute necessity when we look at our future.

California’s drought divide rainy north, dry south

Among the changing red and yellow fall leaves of Yosemite National Park, nature artist Penny Otwell is marveling at the fullest rushing waterfalls and rivers she’s ever painted there in autumn. But down in the dry Southern California suburbs, David Cantuna laments the same dead and dying grass in his backyard. California’s historic drought finally is easing in parts of the north, thanks to October rains that were three or more times the norm.

BLOG: Eleven Experts to Watch on California Water Innovation

California’s years-long drought has caused problems big and small, but it has also sparked a call to dramatically speed up innovation in the water industry. California of all places, advocates say, should lead the way in revolutionizing water management and water technology. “It’s not the first time the state has faced a major resource crisis, and, if history is a guide, the Golden State could lead the way to reinvent its – and the U.S. – water sector,” Stanford University’s Newsha Ajami wrote in a July op-ed for Water Deeply.

Cortopassi’s Race Nears Finish Line As Showdown With Gov. Brown Draws Big Bucks

It was Monday afternoon, and Dino Cortopassi hadn’t yet heard about the latest jab which Gov. Jerry Brown had taken against Cortopassi’s Proposition 53 just a few hours earlier. Speaking at an event in San Francisco, Brown suggested that his dog, Sutter, had a message for Californians: “Pee on 53.” The 79-year-old Cortopassi paused upon hearing this, then said: “He’s getting pretty desperate, isn’t he?” The governor, that is.

Carlsbad Celebrates Expansion Of Water Recycling Plant

The city of Carlsbad Nov. 1 celebrated the expansion of its water recycling plant, a project the city says will increase water reliability by enabling companies, schools, HOAs and other large water users to conserve limited drinking water supplies by utilizing recycled water for irrigation and other non-drinking uses. Recycled water is wastewater that has been treated to a level suitable for irrigation, industrial processing and other non-drinking uses. The city has more than doubled its recycled water consumption in the last 10 years and has more recycled water meters than any other water district in San Diego County.