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Jerry Brown Calls For Fast-Tracking of River Agreements to Build Delta Tunnels

“The Shasta Dam raise, Sites Reservoir and the Delta Tunnels need to be considered as one project,” emphasized Caleen Sisk, Chief and Spiritual Leader of the Winnemem Wintu Tribe. “Without one, you can’t have the others. If the tunnels are built, there will be no water to put in them. You need Sites Reservoir to provide the water for the tunnels and the Shasta Dam raise to provide water for Sites.” “Although the state and federal governments are saying they are separate projects, they are all really one project,” noted Sisk.

Can Solar-Powered Art Save Calif. From Drought?

California’s Santa Monica is home to more than three miles of beaches and fresh breeze from the Pacific, and is one of National Geographic’s top 10 beach cities in the world. Santa Monica Beachboasts more than 300 days of sunshine a year, but it has a striking shortage of a critical resource: drinking water. Now in its fifth year of drought, California has made water conservation a state policy and priority, and its governor is issuing executive orders to continue saving water, with droughts expected to be more frequent and persistent due to climate change.

OPINION: Trees Are Dying In The Sierra But The Forests Aren’t

The trees are dying. The forests are not.This distinction is getting lost in all the angst over the tree die-off in the central Sierra, coastal ranges and other forests of California. Players ranging from the Forest Service to CalFire to Sen. Dianne Feinstein and other public officials are ignoring this key fact in their rush to do something, anything, about the dying trees.

Soaring Temps Increase Risk of Wildfires Through Monday: ‘I’d Say the Tinder Box Would be Southern California Itself’

Red flag warnings are in effect through Monday afternoon, as soaring temperatures and the first major Santa Ana winds of the season are expected to sweep through an already parched Southern California. “I’d say the tinder box would be Southern California itself,” said David Sweet, a metereologist with the National Weather Service. “All areas in Ventura County and Los Angeles County are being subjected to gusty winds, high temperatures and low humidities.”


Farmers say, ‘No Apologies,’ as Well Drilling Hits Record Levels in San Joaquin Valley

Drive through rural Tulare County and you’ll hear it soon enough, a roar from one of the hundreds of agricultural pumps pulling water from beneath the soil to keep the nut and fruit orchards and vast fields of corn and alfalfa lush and green under the scorching San Joaquin Valley sun. Well water is keeping agriculture alive in Tulare County – and much of the rest of the San Joaquin Valley – through five years of California’s historic drought.