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Good news: California Agriculture on Rebound in 2016

America’s No. 1 agricultural state, California, did not fare any better than the rest of nation last year with a drop of $9 billion in cash receipts, a 17 percent plunge from the previous year. The drop was not unexpected for Vernon Crowder, senior vice president of Rabobank in Fresno, Calif. However, the size did surprise him. The drought had plenty to do with the nose dive, but significant drops in dairy and nut prices also contributed. Unlike Midwest corn and soybeans, the prospects for a California turnaround are good.

San Diego County Prepares For Emergencies

Wildfires have raged across California in recent weeks, burning tens of thousands of acres even before the traditional fire season begins. As we enter National Preparedness Month in September, the fires are a grim reminder that we must all take action to ensure that we are ready at the personal and community levels for the kinds of emergencies that could emerge at any time.Of course, wildfires are a top concern in San Diego County. We also face the potential for other kinds of emergencies, from earthquakes and drought to cyberattacks and hazardous materials spills.