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Lake Powell could dry up in as little as six years, study says

Lake Powell has been called “Jewel of the Colorado” by the federal agency that built it, the Bureau of Reclamation.

It’s been a vital force for the intermountain West because of its ability to store vast amounts of water and generate electricity for farmers, cities and towns in 13 states.

But a new study warns that the lake could virtually dry up in as few as six years if the region gets a repeat of the dry spell it experienced from 2000 to 2005.

Drought Hurting California Salmon

California’s iconic native salmon are struggling amid five years of drought.

On a recent fishing trip by the Salty Lady charter boat just north of the Golden Gate Bridge, fishermen were hooking native Chinook salmon that had been born at state and federal hatcheries and then carried in trucks for release downstream.

Golden Gate Salmon Association president Victor Gonella says trucking is the only reason the state’s vital fall-run salmon survived the previous two years of drought.

District to Conduct Water Rate Study

The water district says it’s time to seek proposals to conduct a water rate study since the last one was in 2011.

At the water board’s Aug. 9 meeting David Barnum, the district’s general manager, said the agency did not raise water rates this year in anticipation of an updated rate study. The study would include a district water model incorporating changes in water operations and, using that model, updating the water facilities plan. After identifying necessary projects in the facilities plan a consultant would develop an updated water rate study, according to district staff.