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Poseidon working to streamline permitting for Huntington Beach Desalination Project

Poseidon Water today announced it is working on an agreement with state permitting agencies to streamline the approval process for the proposed Huntington Beach Desalination Project. The Coastal Commission originally planned to consider the Project’s Coastal Development Permit on September 9; however, Poseidon and Commission staff agreed to defer consideration of the Project’s CDP in order for an interagency agreement clearly defining the remaining permitting process to be finalized.


‘Blob’ may help drought-stricken California

As a series of marine heat waves linked to climate change has thrown ocean ecosystems out of whack from Australia to the coast of California, a cooling trend called La Niña has given scientists hope that water temperatures could come back into balance.

But so far, the cooling weather pattern — predicted to follow as a result of last winter’s El Niño — remains squeezed by warmer ocean temperatures along a narrow stretch of Earth’s equator.

MWD Approves Design and Installation of 1st Stage Diamond Valley Lake Monitoring System

The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California approved the design and installation for the first phase of upgrades to the monitoring system at Diamond Valley Lake.The MWD board vote July 12 appropriated $950,000 for the project.  MWD plans to upgrade the monitoring system in three stages. Stage 1 includes procurement and installation of 16 weir level sensors and 15 strong motion accelerographs and the preparation of procurement documents for 19 robotic total stations and for the automated data acquisition system. Diamond Valley Lake was completed in 2000 and has a maximum storage capacity of 810,000 acre-feet (260 billion gallons).