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VIDEO: Officials unveil new plan to conserve water

The San Diego County Water Authority has big plans to help us deal with drought conditions.

On Tuesday, officials are unveiled a campaign to promote long-term water-use efficiency as a way of life.

Don’t Slack Off, The Drought is Not Over

The San Diego County Water Authority is setting up shop in front of a Kensington house to launch it’s new water conservation program.

San Diego County Water Authority Unveils Live WaterSmart Campaign

The San Diego County Water Authority unveiled the Live WaterSmart campaign on Tuesday, its latest water-efficiency movement in the region.

Live WaterSmart is a campaign aimed at promoting water-efficiency practices in everyday life, while offering some free water-saving services and tips to San Diegans. Members from the San Diego County Water Authority and its Board of Directors, San Diego Gas & Electric, Water Conservation Garden and water-efficiency professionals came together at a house in the Kensington neighborhood for the campaign launch.

Desalination is Helping San Diego Avert Drought. Is the Technology Useful Elsewhere?

San Diego County has long faced drought conditions. But a new desalination plant has changed all that, allowing the area to get 50 million gallons of fresh drinking water everyday, or enough to serve 400,000 people and 10 percent of the area’s water supply.

California, of course, has suffered through what seems like an endless drought. The result has pitted interest groups against one another for access to available supplies. But the problem is particularly felt around the world, especially in the Middle East and Africa.

Conserve Water in Ways You Never Thought Of

You know we’re in a drought. You know to turn the faucet off while you’re brushing your teeth, and the numbers show water use has dropped 23 percent, but we’re encouraged to do more.

Because most of our days in San Diego are sunny without a chance of rain the drought is likely here to stay, so the county says being water wise must be a way of life. Water is a precious resource that we don’t have a lot of. “We have to make the most of every drop,” Mark Weston said.

Salton Sea Official Sues Warren Buffett Subsidiary, Says Company Illegally Fired Him

A top Salton Sea official is suing a Berkshire Hathaway subsidiary, saying the Warren Buffett-controlled company illegally fired him from his job running geothermal power plants in the Imperial Valley.

Graeme Donaldson claims he was fired last year after telling managers at Berkshire Hathaway Energy — which, through other subsidiaries, owns 10 of the 11 geothermal plants by the southern shore of the Salton Sea — that proposed budget cuts could lead to safety and environmental hazards, putting employees at risk and potentially causing toxic chemical leaks.

Judge: Yorba Linda residents can’t use a referendum to void water rate hikes

An Orange County Superior Court judge ruled Monday in a closely watched case that customers of a water district cannot void rate increases using a referendum.

The ruling comes in the protracted fight between a group of Yorba Linda residents and their water provider over a $25-a-month rate increase. The dispute has at times become heated as both sides have accused the other of distorting facts. Two of the water district’s five board members now face recalls, and one other board member announced last week that he would retire rather than face reelection in the fall.

Twin Tunnels Hearing: Diverse Voices in Latest Fight Over Delta ‘Fix’

The first day of a months-long hearing that could determine the fate of the controversial twin tunnels provided no answers on Tuesday — nor was it expected to.But dozens of comments made by citizens, activist groups and water agencies showed just how divided the state is on the proposed $15 billion Delta “fix.”Tuesday’s testimony before the State Water Resources Control Board also revealed how diverse the Stockton-area opposition to the project has become. The tunnels are no longer a battleground solely for farmers and environmentalists of the old peripheral canal days.

Tree Die-Offs Won’t Increase Wildfire Risk, Expert Says

In the Sierra Nevada, it’s estimated that tens of millions of trees have died as a result of drought, many of which succumbed to infestations from bark beetles. As a result, we’ve been told our risk of wildfire is far higher than normal, but FM89’s Kerry Klein says the science doesn’t necessarily agree. Gaze across a hillside at 5,000 feet in the Sierra Nevada, and that landscape, usually a wash of green pines, firs and cedars, is probably smudged with reds and browns.

Desalination Plant Won’t Start Up as Scheduled in Drought Dry Santa Barbara

A plan to have fresh water from an ocean desalination plant flowing into the system by October in Santa Barbara is behind schedule and that’s causing concerns.  A new schedule shows drinking water won’t be produced, tested and approved until January.

A city report says above ground supplies are dwindling, and eight under ground wells are in service citywide. Conservation goals during the Stage Three drought conditions need to remain at or above 35 percent according to Water Resources Manager Joshua Haggmark.