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OPINION: United defense key to Delta’s future

With more predictions of drought-like conditions for California in the near future, it is difficult to find workable solutions when some politicians mislead the public at a critical time for our state’s water supply. It was especially alarming to hear that Donald Trump recently stood before a Central Valley audience to declare “there is no drought.” Such a display of ignorance by a presidential candidate is not only deeply disturbing, but it further inflames California water politics and undercuts efforts to find common ground to address this crisis.

Water agencies relax penalties — but still urge conservation

Given the chance to police themselves after a wetter winter, Bakersfield’s five urban water districts are holstering their batons — relaxing or removing conservation standards while still preaching a message of saving water. Local water officials say that’s not a contradiction. They point out the State Water Resources Control Board decided in May to let local agencies set their own standards relative to 2013 water usage — though requiring them to ensure a three-year supply during dry years like those from 2012 to 2015.