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BLOG: New Regs Aim to Make Water Recycling Easier

Only 10 years ago, the idea that Californians might one day drink treated wastewater from their kitchen taps seemed unfathomable. The notion of using recycled water to this degree was unpopular with the public, and seemed unnecessary.

The state’s ongoing drought has changed all that. Many water agencies over the past few years have rolled out small recycled water programs. These are mainly producing nonpotable water for outdoor irrigation, and have become popular with people who want to continue watering their gardens without impacting their water bills.

“Rare, Dangerous” Heat Headed to Parts of the Western US

It’s a dry heat, Phoenix residents like to say about Arizona’s hot weather. That bravado may vanish as the thermometer flirts with 120 degrees this weekend.

Phoenix won’t be alone in the oven. A strengthening ridge of high pressure lifting out of Mexico is on course to also scorch other parts of Arizona and southeast California, bringing potentially record-shattering temperatures. Though accustomed to triple digits, the upcoming heat spell is a rarity in Phoenix, a desert metropolis of 1.5 million people, raising concerns of heat stroke.

Southland Survives Water ‘stress test’

Southern Californians are being praised for their water conservation during the ongoing drought. As a result, there are sufficient water supplies to get through the next three years.

The Metropolitan Water District’s ‘stress test’ means it will not be forced into mandatory conservation.