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OPINION: But Donald Trump Is Right About California Water — The Problem Is The Price, Not The Drought

Much amusement around and about the place as Donald Trump tells California that there is no drought and that when he’s President then there will be plenty of water for everyone. The amusement being that of course, how could anyone spout such nonsense, everyone knows that California’s had a drought for years now!?! Except, of course, that Trump is actually correct here. There is no existential shortage of water in the state, not at all. What there is is misallocation of water and that misallocation is because water is incorrectly priced there.

OPINION: Reaction to Bill Explains Our Lack of Progress on Water Issues

The House of Representatives took action this week on a bill concerning the water supply in California. But to hear the reaction of two north state congressman you’d think it was two different measures.

What happened is a bill passed last summer by the House, that stalled in the Senate, was inserted into an energy and water appropriations bill. That forces the Senate to again consider the earlier measure it had rejected, since it wants the appropriations bill to move forward.


Water Crisis not on Presidential Candidates’ Radar

The 20th century dams and canals that gave birth to modern California — to San Francisco, to Los Angeles, to the San Joaquin Valley farms that feed the nation — are near the end of their engineered lives. The rivers and aquifers they tap are, simply, tapped out.

Bernie Sanders Mocks Trump’s ‘Genius’ on California Drought

Bernie Sanders mocked the presumptive Republican nominee for his recent comments on the drought in California, calling out Donald Trump over his dismissal of climate change.

“You see, we don’t fully appreciate the genius of Donald Trump, who knows more than all the people of California, knows more than all the scientists,” Sanders told the crowd of more than 5,000 people who braved 92 degree heat to hear the senator speak.



Bonita Couple’s Drought-Friendly Yard Wins Landscape Contest

One San Diego couple’s yard is certainly worth admiring: their drought-friendly landscape has just won a big contest. Bonita homeowners Barbara and Nick Amalfitano are the new winners of the Otay Water District’s 2016 landscape contest.

The changes they’ve made to their front and back yards over the years have reduced their water usage by 78 percent, and reduced their maintenance significantly. The couple’s property is three-quarters of an acre and looks more like a park than a model for water efficiency.