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OPINION: Water Rights Will Be Next Big California Fight

After years of drought, winter’s rain and snow storms generated close to a normal supply of water for California. As winter turned to spring, the Bureau of Reclamation announced allocations to farmers.

Rice growers and other farmers in the Sacramento Valley north of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta were pleased to learn that they would receive 100 percent of their contracted water supplies. However, it was bad news for farmers south of the Delta, who were told they would get, at most, just 5 percent of contract water this year.



Water Recycling Deal Stalls at National Level

With broad local support for San Diego’s envisioned water recycling program, Mayor Kevin Faulconer touted the plan again last week — this time as one of his top-funded efforts to fight climate change.

However, his strategy for pulling off the so-called Pure Water program isn’t a done deal. An agreement between local green groups and government officials that threaded the way for the project’s approval has hit a snag in recent months — one that could unravel regional backing for the program or end up costing residents billions of additional dollars.